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PROJECT HEAT takes a real look at life in the projects for many of the economically challenged people in New York City. Every project has a story, and you will learn murder, the drug trade, domestic violence, and separation of the people who live there as many residents of the projects loyalty lies with choosing sides, like Caveman or Hollywood side. EVERY PROJECT HAS A SIDE.



Oakland Stuff comes home after a 10 year bid to claim 285 territory alongside warring over Oakland City top & bottom side. Big Law who controls the bottom side will wage war against anyone to reign supreme over Atlanta. 


Sometimes the price you pay for the people and things you love can be deadly. Love, Lust, Karma and betrayal will have Gabby looking over her shoulder with every step and move she makes. Meanwhile, the Hopkins brothers are on a chase of love, money, power and respect and are willing to sacrifice anything to get it. Which leaves us with one question: For their sins, what is everyone willing to pay ?