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“Project Heat” season 3 mid season finale leaves us with a Cliff hanger

It seems like things are about to go from bad to worst for either the “Cave Man” side or the “Hollywood” side or both. In this mid season finale Pop the head of the Caveman side has had his fair share of problems. In episode 9 of Season 3 “The Bullet Never Lies” Pop runs into the older brother of his long time rival Hollywood Jay from the “Hollywood” side. This encounter sparks a lot of conflicted emotions between these two which may have lead to one of them to be terminally injured or dead. This is the last thing that Pop needs especially with the NYPD and FBI harassment on top of the new found information that the head of the cartel Gee Marquez has a hit out on him and anyone that is closely associated to him.

This episode, which will be the last episode of the web tv series produced by Show Up Films until its return in

2018, is guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat. This urban drama/thriller allows you to be a fly on the wall in this gritty tale of life in the projects

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